Recover without the financial stress

No one expects to suffer a major illness that stops them from working but if it did happen ask the following questions.

How will you cope financially during the recovery period?

Will the financial stress hinder recovery?

What are the additional costs that will be required?

Will your lifestyle be impaired and are you prepared for the long term consequences?

Statistics tell us that two in five people will suffer a critical illness before the age of 65


Trauma cover

In the event of a serious illness it provides a lump sum that can be used to:

  • Enable you to take time of work to recover
  • Provide child care while you receive treatment
  • Pay for medications or treatments that may not be covered by your health insurance
  • Reduce debt or make changes around the home to meet any disabilities you may have suffered

If you suffered a major trauma would you rather a get well card or a lump sum payment?

Malcolm Powell


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