If you are looking for Health insurance and are unsure what you need then a meeting with a broker like me is probably one of the best investments of your time.

What I can do is help you understand how health insurance works so that you can make the best choice for your family. If you are uncomfortable working out what the fine print in the policy means, then I can guide you through what the health insurance policies will actually do for you

The three main elements of a policy are:

Surgical cover
(This means they need to cut something or put something in)

Non-surgical cover
(This means drug treatments or major diagnostics that require an anaesthetist.)

Specialist and test cover
(This means if you just see a specialist and he takes an x-ray, will this be covered)

The hard part of making a claim is to understand what is or isn’t covered by the policy wordings and this can be confusing for the ordinary person. For example, how will policy limits affect a claim, what does an affiliated provider mean? If you suffer a particular condition, what will be covered?

These are the types or questions that I can help answer for you along with the big question, what the policy will cost.

Health insurance doesn’t have to be expensive and there are a number of options to reduce the cost so that your health insurance is affordable for the long term. The options include considering an excess and to bundle your policies with other personal risk policies like life, trauma or income protection insurance, to get a discount

So if you have been considering health insurance but feel it is complicated, then let me come and simplify the process so that you can make the correct choices for you