Health Insurance

Be Prepared

Do you want the choice of having access to private healthcare if you or a family member required hospitalization or surgery?

Are you prepared to wait until you qualify for elective services through the public system?

Could you afford to fund your own medical treatment if required?

Do you want to find out that ACC decides your injury is degenerative and won’t cover the cost of treatment? 

Benefits of having Health insurance

  • Gives you greater choice of when, where and how you get treated, in consultation with your doctor
  • Takes away the stress and worry about how to pay for medical bills
  • Avoids long delays in waiting for treatment in the public health system
  • Provides cover now for unknown health issues that may arise in the future
  • Provides access to many of the latest recognized medical procedures and technology.


Top claims paid by some of New Zealands biggest insurers

  • Spinal surgery
  • Heart valve replacement
  • Cardiac bypass
  • Breast cancer
  • Hip replacement
  • $160,000
  • $98,000
  • $95,000
  • $53,514
  • $28,856



Here at Direct Insurance Brokers we provide you with in depth policy advice, allowing you to identify the best options for you and your family. We make understanding insurance policies simple and easy, making sure you get the most out the money you spend on insurance. We also make regular reviews on your policies to make sure they are up to date with your current circumstances. Our aim is to make sure you get the best insurance, personalised to you, within your budget.


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