We have all heard that consuming foods with probiotics, the so called good bacteria, promotes a healthy digestive system but new research suggests that probiotics could also reduce blood pressure

Probiotics are  live micro-organisms that occur naturally in the stomach and are present in some foods such as live culture, fermented vegetables and aged cheeses. Past research has suggested that probiotics not only aid digestion but protect against harmful bacteria.

Now Griffith University in Australia suggests that consuming probiotics from food  sources and dietary supplements may improve blood pressure. A team of researchers studied the probiotic consumption of 543 adults who had either normal or elevated blood pressure. They found that those who had consumed probiotics daily for 8 weeks or more had lower systolic blood pressure compared to those who did not consume probiotics.

The effects were most noted amongst those with blood pressure that was 130/85 or more and the greater benefits were found from probiotic products that contained multiple bacteria

The team’s findings suggest that the regular consumption of probiotics not only aids a healthy lifestyle but can help reduce and maintain healthy blood pressure levels