ACC have started a new safety engagement programme whose aim is to increase awareness around the effects of non-workplace injuries. They have developed a series of injury prevention newsletters which will cover a variety of key issues related to health and safety.

The first newsletter is aimed at getting road ready for winter. ACC have developed a fleet safety programme in conjunction with the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA), the Police and WorkSafeNZ. The programme offers tools, information and resources to assist in improving fleet management and safety, as well as reducing on-road health and safety risks. Work related traffic fatalities represent the greatest portion of work related death in New Zealand. Approximately 30% of work place deaths and 13% of work place injuries are traffic related

If you want more information there is a fleet safety website, which provides information and resources relating to road safety, traffic infringements and how to create a workplace fleet health and safety policy. There is also a secure section that allows employers or fleet managers to access their business fleet information to see how they are performing. Login codes can be given to managers of fleets in business so they can access their fleet data.

If you want more information on the ACC safety engagement programme newsletters please send me an email.